Sunday, October 18, 2015

Trust and deductive reasoning

One of the webinars recently in the money program I'm involved in was on trust: deciding to generate trust with others rather than waiting for evidence that people are trustworthy. Our assignment was to observe our relationship with trust.

Not long after the webinar, I had an altercation with a client/friend over money and I watched myself not generate trust with her but rather take offense at how she handled the problem and want her to prove to me that I could trust her again. It wasn't until the whole event was over that I realized how not generating trust, not radiating trust to her, made the whole thing so much more difficult for both of us.

And in my thinking about all this, I saw how generating trust is like deductive reasoning: you start out with a premise (people are trustworthy) and seek examples of how that is true: we generate that truth. I, on the other hand, treat it like inductive reasoning: look for evidence before I can accept the premise. On me, inductive has a hard edge: a "show me" feel. Deductive seems an easier, softer way to go.

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