Monday, November 9, 2015

A question to ask every day

We recently had the last weekend workshop and the last webinar of the money program I've been involved in for two years. It was a wonderful experience and a lot has changed for me around money and my relationship with it. And one of the most profound things for me happened at that last workshop.

Dave Ellis, one of the facilitators, showed us a framed quote that he has on his office wall, an idea that he says guides his days and his life. It's a question that deeply resonated with me.What is the best use of this life of such good fortune?

The question encompasses purpose and gratitude, appreciation and awareness, possibility and a call to action. And if I modify it a little (what is the best use of this day in this life of such good fortune), it keeps me from feeling overwhelmed. It keeps me looking for small ways to be of service. The question has helped me find a new daily guide: Kindness in all things.

How might this question be of use to you?

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