Friday, November 20, 2015

Finding a way to give back to recovery

As part of the money course I took recently, we created a philanthropy plan. One part of my plan involves giving 30 of my original paintings to the Letty Owings House here in Portland.
Since 1987, Letty Owings has provided residential drug and alcohol treatment in a six-month program to women who have infants or young children. It is one of only a handful of treatment centers in the country where the women can have their kids with them during treatment. These women are mostly young, uneducated, and  homeless or street sex workers. The Letty Owings house is warm and friendly but very shabby. So I am delighted to be putting my colorful art on the walls of the residents’ rooms.
My current challenge is to raise about $4,000 for the framing. I'm invetigating online frame shops and local framers as well who might discount me for this project. 
If you feel moved to support this project, I’d love a donation (check to 1932 SE Ash, Portland 97214) and I’ll send you a tax receipt from Letty Owings. And if this project doesn’t sing for you, then that’s fine too. Many thanks for your consideration. 
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