Monday, November 2, 2015

More on figuring out what I'm committed to

At the final workshop for our money course, we did an exercise called Cleaning out the Closet. The first part was making a list of our promises and commitments and seeing which ones were languishing for lack of attention. We were then asked to put those in three "piles": no longer of interest (Goodwill pile), maybe in the future (back of the closet pile), and ready to go forward (hang in the front of the closet).

For the second part of the exercise, we were asked to refresh our current list of commitments and then work with a partner. The partner pretended to be an alien who was observing a human's activities. The alien listened while the human recounted a typical day's activities and the alien wrote them down. At the end of the exercise, we got to look at our daily activities and if they aligned with our commitments. In other words, was our time going to what we were committed to?

I was glad to see some big yes answers as I am writing and painting most days. But watching TV all evening doesn't forward much for me so I'm taking a look at reducing that amount and doing something I'm more committed to some evenings. 

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