Thursday, December 24, 2015

Clearing psychic space or eliminating the shoulds

A couple of friends and I meet once a month in a group we call Soul Strippers. Sometimes we do art together and chat. Sometimes we have very profound conversations. This past Saturday we had one of those conversations.

It started with the Dave Ellis exercise I mentioned a couple of posts back, sorting out what worked in 2015 and what didn't. Out of sharing our lists, we got to talking about incompletions that felt like obligations, like "shoulds."

Shoulds live in the land of not happening. "I should exercise" is not happening as exercise. That would be "I am exercising." "I should stop watching so much TV." This also is not happening. That would be "I'm watching less TV."

So we looked at our lists of what didn't work last year and separated out the efforts we made that didn't come to completion (I tried to sell my book and didn't) and those that never got to effort (I should market my books). We could celebrate the former and contemplate the latter. Do I want to carry the same shoulds into 2016? What will be different? What will move me to action when I haven't been in action before?

Our group agreed to inquire about this over the next month and come back and report our findings. What shoulds are hanging out in your psychic space? 

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