Friday, December 18, 2015

Completing 2015

Last week, I watched a great online class with one of my favorite teachers, Dave Ellis, as part of his Falling Awake series. He asked us to make a list of all the things that had worked for us in 2015 and all the things that hadn't. A list of things to celebrate and a list of things to contemplate.

The celebrations were easy:  Wrote 300 poems, closing in on the first draft of a new novel, took some needed time off, adopted a new kitten, found the food plan, new close friends, among quite a few others.

The contemplations were more difficult: the novel I didn't sell, the extra weight I gained in the spring and summer when I gave up trying to make moderation work for me, the money I didn't make when work dried up, the ideas, hopes, projects that never went anywhere.

He had a visual analogy that was powerful for me. He hosts these webinars from his office and behind him are shelves that are usually full of photos and momentos. But for this class, he had cleared them completely. Now, he said, he was considering what to put on those shelves for 2016. Did he want to carry any of his celebrations forward? Likewise did he want to carry any of the incompletions or failures from 2015 forward with him, did he want to release them or renew his efforts with them?

I found this a very interesting way to look at wrapping up one year and contemplating the next. Most of the things that didn't work for me aren't worth hanging on to. What incompletions can you let go of?

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