Monday, December 21, 2015

Evie, Josie, and the return of equilibrium to my household

The kitten Josie is coming up on three and a half months with us. She seems quite at home here. She wants to wrestle with Sammy and occasionally she can get Frannie to chase her or vice versa. Even Evie is hissing at her less.

And Evie is making progress too. The cold, wet weather has been really helpful in my attempts to get her to come inside at least some of the time and most of the nights.

I'll have to admit I've played the hunger card. I asked my neighbor and good friend Melanie to stop feeding Evie out on her front porch. Evie was very upset with this and read Melanie the riot act for about two weeks but she did start coming up to eat on our porch instead. And then I stopped putting food outside at all. At first it would take her a full five minutes to get up the courage to come in and eat. But she did and now she comes several times a day to eat and be petted. She wants back out very quickly but that's okay and almost every night she comes about 9:30 and I let her in and she eats and stays in until the morning. Forming habits in the brain and body are slow work.

I'm just hoping that she is getting so used to this that when my catsitter is here, Evie will follow the same routine.

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