Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Peace with food

One of the biggest gifts of the Bright Line Eating program is the profound peace that comes from eating this way. When I'm embroiled in my addiction to sugar, the relief I get from the cravings when I eat are short-lived and then there are soon more cravings and it becomes a perpetual cycle of anxiety. I also get consumed with worry about my health and with guilt and shame about my inability to do what I know is best and to take good care of myself.

Now I have a structure that works for me. I write down each night what I'm going to eat for the three meals the next day. I look at my calendar and plan the time for each of those meals. Then I eat them and I live my life in-between. I get hungry between meals sometimes but I don't eat until my next meal. I've been doing this now for 2.5 months and it is so much simpler than eating all day and worrying about it. I don't worry about food now. May I have the courage and strength to just do this from now on.

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