Sunday, January 31, 2016

Coming to the end of month #1 on the 2016 wheel of intentions

A few weeks ago I posted my idea of a mandala, or wheel of intentions, dividing my year into 12 portions and having a focus for each month. January's focus has been completion. I started the new year with some projects in mid-swing and my focus has been completing them.

My deadline for completing the reading of the books for the Dashiell Hammett Award was January 18. (See my next post for the results of that adventure.) I spent a lot of reading time in those first two weeks but got my list sent off on January 16. Whew!

Over the holidays, I started "harvesting" the 300 poems I wrote last year. Reading them, figuring out which ones might be worth delving further into and reworking and typing those into the computer. Every other day I did 5-10 poems. I usually like to spend my early morning writing time on new material but this was the only way I could complete that project.

I completed 2016 budget and got my friend Pam to help me spruce up the Excel spreadsheet I use and adjust some formulas so I'd have better information.

Lastly, I've framed all the 32 paintings for the philanthropy give-away project. Well, except one. That last frame got delivered this afternoon and I'm going to frame it right after I finish this. The folks from Letty Owings House are coming tomorrow morning to pick them all up. They look wonderful!

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