Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Finding an anthem for the change you want to make

Brene Brown is an author and researcher on vulnerability. Her TED talk is one of the most widely seen. I'm taking an online course from her on vulnerability and speaking our truth or "showing up in the arena," as she calls it, whatever our arena may be. As part of Lesson 2, we're asked to choose a song as our anthem for this change. We can have several or a play list and she asked us to share with the group what we chose.

Several songs came to mind for me almost immediately: Roxy Music's More than This and Van Morrison's Cloud-Hidden, but I realized after a while that these are anthems for the life I already have; they won't necessarily help me usher in something new. So I read all the shared comments and listened to a lot of new music, some that was great and some that was awful (AKA not my music). And here's what I chose. 

The major anthem: Brave by Sara Bareilles

The supporting songs:
Standing outside the Fire by Garth Brooks (
I'll Stand by You by the Pretenders (
Japanese Bowl by Peter Mayer

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