Saturday, January 16, 2016

My yearly intention x 12

Every year I do a retreat on Whidbey Island over New Year's. The last three years, I've given a workshop on setting intentions at the local library. Because I've got people who come back again, I try to reframe our conversation in some way. This year, I got to thinking about using a mandala, a wheel of some sort in our activities, and I came upon a template for a 12-section mandala, perfect, of course, for the 12 months. So I figured out some questions we could use for generating ideas and then encouraged people to think in 12 rather than 1.

The point was not to have 12 projects each for a month, though several people jumped quickly to that conclusion. Instead it was to consider a focus for each month and then consider activities within that focus. All of this was in the realm of possibility, not obligation or plan.

The other key point was not to allot a specific calendar month for each focus but rather to choose one for January and then at the end of that month, check the wheel again and choose another. 

Here are my 12 foci for 2016:

Step into completion
Become a coach
Birth some projects
Draw things together
Organize my art
Enhance my home
Expand my world
Go public
Get ready to jump
Announce myself as a poet
Get outside and play
Increase my fitness

In order to lighten my load, I'm making January the month of completion: I have four ongoing projects I'd like to wrap up.

What would your 12 look like?

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