Saturday, February 6, 2016

Month 2 of my intentions mandala

Now that February is here, I've chosen the second month of my intentions mandala: Organizing. Two of the January Completion projects got me started thinking about this.

First, the philanthropy project to Letty Owings House and the donation of 31 paintings means that my art inventory needs to be brought up to date and my art website as well. Not only do I need to redo the digital inventory but this is a great time to organize my stored paintings and organize my studio, which tends to fill up with stuff.

Second, I made another decluttering effort a la Marie Kondo last month, and many more things, including most of the books from the Hammett Award reading, have gone. Now comes the second phase: Finding a permanent home for the things I do have so that I can put them away after I use them. This also seems a great time to reorganize my closets and cupboards in any ways that feel right.

Third, I want to spend some time organizing my schedule so that I make sure that even in the midst of a lot of editing work, I can find time for the studio and my writing projects as well as good self-care and play time with friends.

If you're following along with your own monthly mandala, I'd love to hear what you've picked for February.

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