Friday, February 19, 2016

Rigorous or rigid: is it just a matter of perception

In the online community of my food program, some of the people are announcing their departure. They're finding the program too rigid. I find this both sad and humorous. Of course, abstinence of any kind is rigid. It's black and white. You drink or you don't drink. You eat sugar or you don't. Eating or drinking some may be okay, but it isn't abstinence.

In AA, we talk a lot about people who need to go out and do more research. They aren't done drinking yet. And I can see that happening here too. The people who aren't getting the results they want (mostly fast, big weight loss) even though they aren't following the program with any consistency are too impatient to do that and see what happens.

I understand what's happening for them. They don't want to give up all their favorite foods. They don't want to give up self-medicating with sugar and flour and fat. They are afraid to live life without anesthetic. I know those feelings and those fears. I still have them sometimes. But I can't fool myself with more research. I can choose to start eating compulsively again or I can choose to stay abstinent.

I prefer to see the program as rigorous. It requires courage and commitment. I'm working to strengthen mine.


Unknown said...

Hi Jill I've been leading up to today for Day 1 of Brightline Eating as I'm not working today and I can focus on the food plans. I'd given up bread and sugar (not completely) for a few months now but I had a bad day yesterday (car problems, tired etc) and so I fixed that with overeating last night. Today I feel cross with myself for doing that. Im determined to get back in shape and so this is a great post to wake up to. You are a great inspiration to me and many others. THANKYOU. ODAAT. Ruth.

Jill Kelly said...

Hi Ruth. It's hard to give up the old ways of medicating but it can be done. You can do it. I can do it. A better life really does wait on the other side of those Bright Lines. Keep in touch.