Sunday, March 20, 2016

Good grief!

A good friend has been doing Bright Line Eating for a while now and having great luck with weight loss and some changes in behavior that had been troubling for her. Recently, though, she has found her coffee consumption increasing even though it has some very negative affects on her health. She is angry and frustrated that here is yet another food that she cannot consume in moderation. One cup leads to two and then to three. She can't just drink one a day.

We call these trigger foods. They trigger old, addictive behaviors, and for many of us they are a start down the old path of eating or drinking or drugging or acting out in whatever ways we do.

I feel for her. I've been there so many times, hoping that this time it will be different, lulled into thinking I'm cured when "moderation" goes on for a few days. Then since I'm cured, another won't hurt. But of course, I'm not cured. There is no cure for addiction, only recovery and abstinence from the triggering foods.

My friend is grieving the loss of yet another food friend. Those stages of grief are real: disbelief, anger, bargaining, with the prospect of getting to acceptance. But this can be good grief, feelings she can move beyond as she reinforces the new recovery pathways in her brain. It's good to remember that grief is part of healing.

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