Wednesday, March 30, 2016

My second pass on tidying up a la Marie Kondo

As the spring comes into full bloom, I'm in lighten-up mode even more. I've been going through closets and drawers and boxes and baskets and shedding more stuff. Ostensibly I'm in Marie Kondo's second phase of Tidying Up, which is finding a home for everything so that everything is always put away and therefore tidy. I noted that Kondo empties her purse every night and puts the contents away. I'm not going to those extremes but I do find a lot of sanity in having clear spaces around me. Another reason I like staying in hotels.

But here's something interesting I've discovered in my second look at the things I kept. Many of them don't bring me joy. If you've read Kondo's book, you know that's her standard. You live with what brings you joy. But as a good descendent of the Puritans, I have a rather wobbly relationship with joy. It's a bit suspect in my book and I don't recognize it easily or trust it when I suspect it's present. So I kept a lot of things that I liked okay, and even liked pretty much. But I didn't love them or feel fabulous when I wore them or used them.

So I'm using a pleasure index this time through. Do I get real pleasure from wearing this, using this, looking at this? I've let go of a lot more stuff and my home is feeling lovely and light and spacious.

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