Monday, March 7, 2016

What I want vs. what I don't want

Most of us make change because there something we don't want or like that's happening to us. I had a long talk with a friend last night who's been sober about 8 months and she's finding her sugar consumption sky-rocketing. When she was drinking, sweets didn't interest her (of course not--she was getting all the sugar she needed from the alcohol). She'd had an emotional upset the day before  and eaten a whole bag of cookies in response. She called to ask about Bright Line Eating. So I told her about my experience.

It got me thinking about what propels us into recovery. While generally the pull of what we desire is stronger than our aversion to what we have, it's the aversion that helps us take the first step. Usually we are terrified or disgusted or so depressed by our addictive behaviors that we get the courage to find help.

As I continue on my path of recovery from demon foods (sugar and flour), I am pulled forward by what I want: the possibility of being right size again, of more energy, of more flexibility. But I am also pushed forward by what I don't want back: difficulty tying my shoes, shortness of breath when I climb a flight of stairs, hip and low back pain, cholesterol issues, self-loathing, fears about my health. If I keep that misery in mind, it's a lot easier not to be tempted to stray from the Bright Line path.

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Green Horn said...

Wow, that last line "keep that misery in mind..." just jumps off the page to me. So so so true. Thank you.