Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bright Line Eating continues to work well for me

I realized this morning it's been a while since I posted about my ongoing exploration of food addiction. I now have been following the Bright Line Eating program for 7+ months. I have lost 68 pounds and 69 inches. I'm down several sizes in clothes. I'm off my cholesterol medications. I have considerably more flexibility and stamina; my workouts at the gym are both easier and more inspiring. My mood is good almost all the time. My body and my spirit like me eating this way.

At the same time, there are some challenges. Because I'm eating less than my body needs to maintain my current weight (so that I can lose weight), I'm hungry the hour or two before the next meal most days. As someone who has never liked being hungry, who ate at the first sign of hunger whether it was meal time or not, this is not easy. The end goal is worth it and I hang in there, but it's not easy.

What I like best is that I am not run by food 24/7. Yes, I am sometimes focused on food in those hungry hours but it's nothing like the constant craving I felt before. Hallelujah!

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