Wednesday, May 11, 2016

My new thriller is available

My fourth novel, Broken Boys, has just been released. It's a sequel to my second novel, Fog of Dead Souls.
About Broken Boys: Maggie Morehouse has a husband who ignores her and a  grown son who doesn’t need her. When a mysterious stranger at a small-town  parade offers her a life outside the box, she disappears with him, leaving  her family to pick up the pieces. Caught between anger and fear, her husband involves the police. The search for Maggie and her companion leads two Pennsylvania detectives into the VFW halls and bingo parlors of rural Virginia where broken boys are at very dangerous play.
On amazon ( and Smashwords ( and of course signed copies are available from me.
Praise for Broken Boys
“Jill Kelly makes you believe each character in Broken Boys, and the suspense in her story grows ominously without a hint of contrivance or a single false note.” Mike Bowen, author of Damage Control.
“Detective Hansen from Fog of Dead Souls returns in the search for a mysterious drifter whose charm masks a darker intent. This chilling story will keep you reading late into the night to find out what happens next.” Pamela Stringer, author of Death in the Debit Column
 “Broken Boys is a riveting and unrelenting combination of lust, larceny, and human weakness. Kelly has an extraordinary ability to delve into the psyches of her characters and expose them as the damaged humans they are.” Leigh Goodison, author of Jigsaw Man

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