Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Building more of my life around creativity

One benefit of the news that the building that houses our art collective's studio space was being sold was to get me to take it much less for granted. I had been assuming that it would always be there, that the rent would always be affordable, and as long as I could find the money and climb the many stairs to our floor, I could keep going down there. 

Once I realized I was going to lose it, sooner or later, I began going much more frequently. Instead of going maybe once a week for a couple of hours, I started going every day or every other day. I'm now averaging 4-5 times a week and about 10 hours a week.

I decided to take this avocation much more seriously. I began two news series of paintings. I started reading some of the many how-to painting books I've accumulated. An opportunity to really establish my art life was going to close on me and I didn't want any regrets about it. I wanted to be so thoroughly a painter in my own mind that I would find a way to keep going once the studio disappeared and that would take momentum. I'm so glad.  

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