Thursday, June 16, 2016

Stuff and more stuff

I have felt really done with the Marie Kondo tidying-up project over the last several months, but now I need to sort, tidy, and purge all the stuff from my studio. When I set my studio up three years ago, I didn't think too much about what I was taking down there. I hired my nephew to help me on a sunny afternoon and we drove carload after carload of stuff from my cabinets and my basement storage unit. There was a lot of built-in shelving and storage space already in the studio so I just filled it up.

A year or so before, I had sorted out some things. I knew that I was never going to learn about all manner of art media and skills, so I let go of calligraphy tools and watercolors and a lot of mixed media possibilities. But I was still doing collage and acrylics and pastels and colored pencils and a lot of other things just seemed worth hanging on to.

And when friends learned I had a studio, they gifted me with all kinds of extra paints and brushes and tools and books and paper. Not to mention, all the shopping I've done in art stores and online. Since candy stores and bakeries are no longer someplace I go, art stores have become the big treat. So I've been slowly filling up that studio space.

Now I need to reduce, really reduce what I have. More tidying and purging coming up.

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