Monday, June 13, 2016

The evaporating studio contract

Bad news came in a phone call last night. The trustee of our studio building has refused to sign the contract he agreed to three weeks ago. He has found a buyer and the buyer apparently won't honor that contract. Instead, the buyer will manage the studio spaces himself and charge what he thinks is more in line with the market. There is no guarantee that he will even keep the studio spaces as they are or offer them to us.

None of these details really matter to me. The fact is that I will most likely need to vacate my studio by the end of this month. I was already stretching my budget to accommodate the 30% increase we were looking at in that now-rejected contract.

 I feel very sad about this loss. I won't stop painting. I'll find another studio or reorganize my apartment to make the work feasible for me here. But having a real artist's studio, one that I could afford, one that I could walk to, has been a dream come true and I'm sorry that it's ending.  

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