Thursday, July 28, 2016

Finding myself by the process of elimination

That phrase, "finding myself by the process of elimination," was sent to me last week by a good friend. She found it on the inside of the cap of her bottle of green tea shortly after a conversaion we had on the phone. During that conversation, I talked about not only the recent loss of my studio but learning this month that the retreat center I love on Whidbey Island is going up for sale.

I've been going to Aldermarsh for writing retreats since 2002. I fell in love with the land and the center itself right away and have been going twice a year ever since. In fact, this past month was my 23rd retreat there. I've written large parts of eight books there and hosted dozens of women writers and creatives in a week of silence and creative community.But the owner is elderly now and needing to move on; plans to turn it over to her great manager have fallen through and change is in the air.

The timing of this second loss has been difficult and curious for me. Two deeply loved creative spaces are falling away from me. What is going to open up? Maybe the challenge really is to find myself through elimination.

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