Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Loving the app Grid Diary

While I was on writing retreat last month, my friend Tamara Sorelli introduced me to some of her favorite free apps for iPad. The one I'm really liking is called Grid Diary. You get a template of 8 boxes in a grid and you create questions you would want to answer every day for a structured diary. While they give you some good questions to use if you want (what are 3 good things that happened today or what did you get done today, for example), I'm finding it's really fun to make up my own questions, to inventory my life my way.

Here are my current questions:

  • What did I create?
  • When did I connect with others?
  • How did I connect with the Sacred?
  • What step did I take towards a goal?
  • How did I care for my health?
  • What did I enjoy?
  • What was I curious about?
  • What opportunity did I take to be generous?

What might your questions be?

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