Friday, September 9, 2016

Miracle Morning routine

My good friend Jean Barry mentioned the Miracle Morning book to me recently. Jean and I have participated in some powerful personal transformation workshops together and I trust her advice so I ordered the book. It's a quick read but it has a powerful message, for me anyway, about the value of starting your day with 30-60 minutes of activities that help you manifest your dreams and desires. Author Hal Elrod's point is that in order to do that manifesting, you have to become your best self and that starting your day off right is a terrific way to become that.

This idea syncs up well with my knowing that how I start my day has a huge impact on the whole day but I've struggled, like many of us do, with fitting it all in. Elrod's suggestion is that we create a 60-minute routine of six essential-to-us activities for 10 minutes each. That we get up early enough to do this before we need to prepare for the day. He also says you can 6 x 5 minutes if needed or 6 x 1 minute if needed, but carving that hour is something special and I am finding that's true.

Here's what my miracle morning looks like:

10 minutes of meditation (with a timer)
10 minutes of journaling
10 minutes of working with my current set of affirmations
10 minutes of reading something inspirational
10 minutes of stretching (this makes my physical therapist very happy)
10 minutes of drawing (this way I always get in a little creativity no matter what else the day bring)

By the end of the 60 minutes, I am awake, alert, centered and mellow. What could be better?

What would your six activities be?

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