Friday, October 14, 2016

A thought about the elections

I'm not politically active. My arena of influence isn't in that sphere but I want to express my sadness at the state of affairs. In many ways, Donald Trump is the perfect candidate for our times: an aging self-important, scheming white man who speaks his sense of entitlement every time he opens his mouth. He represents the past as the time of the sovereignty of the white male is vanishing. At the same time, Hillary Clinton is another perfect candidate: a smart, accomplished woman who has figured out how to succeed hugely in the white male's world, something my generation of women (Hillary and I are the same age) aspired to and took on big time.

My sadness comes from the fact that this election is about who they are and not about what they can do towards resolving the enormous and complicated problems ahead of us. That's what I loved about Bernie Sanders. It wasn't about him, but our world. I think Hillary would like this election to be about that too--I think she's got lots of ideas but of course, Trump doesn't. All he has is personality and so it's about personality.

I want very much for Hillary to be elected. Not only to defeat Trump but to pave the way for other women in the White House, particularly Elizabeth Warren.

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