Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Seasonal melancholy

Because I was born and raised in the Northwest's gray winters, I don't suffer from seasonal affective disorder, those who get depressed when there isn't enough sunshine. I love the fall and winters here for the most part. It feels natural to me.

However, October is sometimes a difficult month. I don't mind the dark mornings. I don't have to get up and drive to work. But the early dark in the evenings and having the house closed up all day, those take some getting used to. The past week or two I have been melancholy and it took me a couple of days to recognize that this is my version of seasonal shift. Lots of sadness and both loving and chaffing at the solitude I live in.

I know it will pass. I know I will relax into the coziness and deep reflection of the dark and the winter. And I am realizing what a gift it is now to have the studio at home and to be able to cheer myself with paper and color.

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