Thursday, December 29, 2016

How to change just about anything

Nick Wilton's Art2Life blog is as much about life as it is about art. This seemed particularly true this week in his post about getting into the flow of creativity.

[The flow of creativity] has to do with one simple thing. One simple thing that is available to anyone, anytime and practically anywhere. It is action. 
When we take action, when we begin, physically doing something, in our art, or even our lives, even if we are not so sure of where we are going, I believe it automatically begins the creative, flow state. Creativity does not magically appear because we create the right conditions. It comes automatically once we begin. Once we start it starts.

This makes sense to me for anything we want to manifest: changing, creating, loving. We can think and talk all we want but when we take an action (pick up the paint brush, put down the fork, walk on by the ice cream, do the kindness), things begin to align for us. The flow in the right direction happens and picks up speed. 

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