Friday, December 2, 2016

Moving from Point A to Point B

Most of us are interested in moving forward in our lives. While it's critical to accept what is--that's the most helpful starting point--we often want more or different. And there's nothing wrong with that. That's what life is about: growing, changing, experiencing. But many of us, maybe too many of us, just talk about this. We talk about changing, about experiencing new things, about having or being something more.

Habits play a big part in this kind of talk that's followed by little to no action. We are our habits, our practices. If our habit is to come home from work and snack all evening in front of the TV, that's hard to shift out of, even though we'd like to have a meaningful hobby or more exercise or a thinner body. And we'll argue for those habits. Our jobs are stressful. Our commute takes a lot of time. There isn't enough energy to do much more.

And those are good reasons and for some of us, they are immutable, unchangeable. But for many of us, they aren't. Most of us can change some of our circumstances. We can come home at night and go for a walk before dinner. We can put the TV in a closet and do something else in the evening. We can face our challenges, rather than bowing to them and accepting them as inevitable.

We start from Point A and figure out how to move to Point B. It helps when Point B is really specific. I want to walk 10 miles a week. I want to play cards with friends once a month. I want to donate 5% of my income every month to organizations I believe in. Once we know a specific Point B, we can figure out the "how" of it.

What are some of your Point Bs?

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