Monday, January 2, 2017

Three months of Miracle Mornings

For the last three months, I've been participating in Hal Elrod's Miracle Morning idea. Here are the basics: We pick six 10-minute activities to do first thing in the morning that will move us on into a great day. I am finding this a really wonderful practice to do.

Here are my six: meditation, Grid Diary, Paper 53, reading, affirmations, and reflection. Grid Diary is an app for iPhone and iPad that lets you ask yourself up to 8 self-designed questions about the day before and type in your answers. You can also email them to a buddy as I do. Every three weeks or so, I change the questions though there's usually always one about what I was curious about and one about where I was generous in my day, two things I like to track. Paper 53 is a very fun sketching and painting app, also free. I'm attaching one of my sketches here.I generally read something thoughtful and reflective, take notes, and then do my reflection time. I end up with affirmations.

I don't always spend 60 minutes. Sometimes I set a timer and sometimes not, depending on my day. But I do approach the hour with a spirit of restfulness and ease. The few days this quarter that I haven't had time to do it have felt off. If you're looking for a peaceful change to make this New Year, you might want to give some version of this a try.

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