Friday, January 20, 2017

Working with my 2017 possibilities

For the last nine years, I've spent the New Year's holiday on retreat with friends up on Whidbey Island north of Seattle. One of our rituals is to write a list of our accomplishments for the previous year, all the things we're proud of doing or being or completed. We include this celebration as part of our New Year's Eve gathering and I really love hearing about what my friends have been up to.

On New Year's Day, we gather in circle and create lists of what we're wanting for the next year. We used to create to-do lists, and then we shifted to goals, and now we've come to our senses and we create lists of possibilities. Possibility allows us to be outrageous in our thinking, always a good thing at the planning stage.

This year, my list has 31 items on it, 31 possibilities for projects, dreams, practices, rituals, connections. It's a wonderfully rich and full list. Here are a few items:

  • Stay abstinent from sugar, flour, and snacks.
  • Get to my goal weight.
  • Publish novel #5 (I finished the last set of revisions on retreat). 
  • Travel to Ireland and Amsterdam.
  • Change my relationship with the phone.
  • Take bigger risks in  my studio.
  • Get just the right car.
My next task is to create a list of ways and means to make these happen. So I've headed a page for each in my creative journal and I'm beginning to brainstorm those.

What's on your list of possibilities this year? 

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