Thursday, February 16, 2017

Setting my intention for 2017

Every year in early January, I set an intention, a mantra of sorts, for the next year. I first did this about six years ago or so when I vowed to never be in a hurry again. I took on the intention and then began to move into actions that shifted my behavior and my attitude about time. It was so successful (I'm still almost never in a hurry) that each year I've chosen another change to make or behavior to enhance.

This year, for a reason that hasn't come clear, I've struggled to find the right intention. I started off with Do the next right thing but I quickly realized that I pretty much do that anyway, thanks to many years of 12-Step living.

So I cast around for another idea and knew that I wanted to move into being more fully engaged in what I'm doing more of the time. So that became my intention Be fully engaged. And I have been but there was something missing there too. Some things I do are just not calling me to do that. I did feel however that being fully engaged was closer to what I was looking for in an intention.

And then I had the conversation about curiosity that I wrote about in the last post. And I knew right away that this is what is most important to me now. Be curious, not judgemental. Seek information, seek solutions (something new as an answer). I'm settling into this intention and it feels just right.

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