Sunday, February 12, 2017

The importance of curiosity in these curious times

I had a great session Monday with my spiritual director and we were talking about the stories that run us and the statements we make to ourselves. And then she related something her therapist had told her and it has been in my thoughts since then.

We can't be both curious and judgemental at the same time. This struck me as very true of my thinking. When I'm judging myself or someone else, my mind is closed. I have decided on my opinion. But when I am curious, my mind is open to considering new information, a new perspective, a shift in thinking. .

Staying curious about the political scene is proving helpful to me. I'm not curious in anything goes way. I'm curious in a what can I do way? What else can I do way?This shift in perspective has eased my anxiety some and is proving applicable in many ways.

Curious (mind open and available ) vs. judgemental (mind closed and decided)I'm voting for curious, not judgemental.

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