Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Deciding what's important

Contrary to my own best interests, I've gotten myself really busy again. I'm taking a big online art class, I have a new coach, I'm working hard to promote my sugar recovery program, and I'm writing another novel. And that doesn't account for time with friends, household chores, and paid work!

At the same time, I remain committed to a spacious life without hurry or unnecessary stress. So in addition to staying organized, I am looking to keep in mind what's really important to me and not getting distracted by what isn't. Here's my current plan:

Physical well-being: Daily walks or gym workout, healthy meals with nothing in-between, 8 hours of sleep.
Emotional and spiritual well-being: Writing first thing in the morning, painting/creative time early in the day, journaling at night, connecting with a friend or family member, time with my cats, 12-step meetings, taking a sabbath

Financial well-being: Engaging in just the right amount of paid work, listening to my intuition when a troublesome client comes along and saying no, rather than being driven by money concerns
Service: 12-step meetings, promoting my sugar recovery program

What's disappearing: TV, social media except in controlled amounts, a lot of house maintenance and futzing, too much paid work 

Each day I make a list of possibilities instead of a to-do list. Some things I know will get done: healthy meals, sleep, journaling, time with cats, probably exercise. Those are the givens. The rest shifts as my day and energy shifts. I reserve the right to change my mind about what's important but I know what makes me happy, and when I'm happy, I'm so much better off.

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