Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pause to receive

As part of my quest for a richer emotional life, I've been attending to my relationship with Divine Guidance. This doesn't come easily to me. For the middle decades of my life, I was an intellectual cynic and that's a very hard stance to shake off. Eventually through the 12 Steps and recovery, I was able to soften my stance to one of not knowing. I didn't know if there was anything beyond the material realm but I was willing to stay open to the possibility.

However, the longer I've stayed sober (27 years) and now abstinent from sugar and flour (18 months) when both seemed impossible and the odds against it remain incredibly high (9 to 1), the more I've had to accept that there is something at work in my life that is beyond my own efforts. I call that Grace. So if there's Grace, if there's something else at work, then there is a chance that I can tap into the energy in more direct ways.

I know through lots of trial and error that if I show up and am willing, lots of amazing things happen. So now I'm practicing showing up in willingness. I call it Pause to Receive. Three of four times a day, I stop what I'm doing and pause to see what guidance is available to me. If I'm at my desk, I write down whatever comes to me and put it in a small cup on my desk altar. In the evenings when I do my Grid Diary writing, I make a note of it there too. It's a simple enough practice and it's very satisfying.

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