Monday, March 13, 2017

Poem: Death and the Return of Spring

As I walked up the street
in the late February chill
past driving workers
and hurrying-to-the-bus workers
I heard a robin
singing his virility
singing his territory
and a sweet joy
washed over me
Spring was approaching

Two blocks further on
in front of a boarded-up garage
that seems to belong to no one
I came upon a death tableau
A Big Gulp cup
The paper wrapper
from a fastfood burger
And a large rat

I am not afraid of much
in the natural world
poisonous snakes
huge spiders
death-bearing mosquitoes
but rats are not among them
yet I shivered in fear
something deep in me
from my ancestors
springing up
before my sympathy
could arise for
a life cut short
a fellow creature
who wouldn't see
the new season coming

Jill Kelly February 2017

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