Friday, March 17, 2017

Proprioceptive writing for personal inquiry

I've been reading Christiane Northrup's book on divine connection and she mentions a writing technique called proprioceptive writing. I'd heard of this years ago and never practiced it, but when Northrup described it, it seemed like something to try. So I asked my good friend Sue to do it with me one day that we were spending together in a mini-retreat.

Here are the basics:

You write for 20 minutes on a topic of inquiry without stopping. You don't think too hard. You just keep writing, trying to get into what you really think or want or feel and getting it down on paper. You can make lists, use phrases or complete sentences, whatever works for you. The quality of the writing is of no consequence. The trick is to just keep writing. Then when the timer goes off, you stop and finish that sentence.

Next you read aloud what you've written even if you're alone. Then, if you're alone, you go back and read it all silently and circle what seems most meaningful to you. If you're with others, you read aloud to them and as you do, each of them writes down anything of significance they hear you say and then they read that back to you. (No one interprets your words or gives advice or tries to solve anything for you. It's a just a mirroring or reflection. )

I've done this three times now and each time it's been immensely valuable. You might want to give it a try. 

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