Tuesday, April 25, 2017

What would it take to make this the best part of your life?

In my decades as an intellectual cynic, I would have found this question ludicrous. I prided myself on being a realist (I focused on realist literature for my doctoral work after all) and didn't believe in personal transformation or the ability to create what we want. Now I do believe in that.

Sobriety from alcohol, abstinence from sugar and other simple carbohydrates have proven to me that we can change how we are, how we feel, how we "be" in our lives. And while we are powerless over many things, we are not helpless. We always have control over how we react to circumstances and how we respond to what life presents us.

Two years ago, I was pretty despairing. I was mired in food addiction, obese, only sort of healthy (I did have a consistent exercise program). Now I'm in better health than in a long time. I have a lot of gratitude for all the blessings of my life and a lot of curiosity as to what else can happen. I'm not sure what it might take to make this the best part of my life, but I'm sure interested in the inquiry.

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