Sunday, July 30, 2017

What I want for my 70s

This is the first year of my 70s and I've been dreaming up all sorts of things that I want for this decade.
  1. Write 7 more books.
  2. Help people free themselves of addiction.
  3. Heal my relationship with my child selves.
  4. Lose another 35 pounds. 
  5. Come into a fuller understanding of myself as a woman.
  6. Share my experience, strength, and hope in many ways. 
  7. Paint outrageous abstracts. 
  8. Become a fine poet. 
  9. Build a much deeper connection with Spirit. 
  10. Fall in love with contentment.
  11. Live from a curious mind and a generous heart. 
  12. Cultivate sobriety and abstinence.
  13. Be a sought-after speaker and presenter. 
  14. Walk through my fears. 
  15. Simplify to serve my passions and purpose. 
  16. Always assume everything is working out for me. 
  17. Make a ton of $ so I can give away a ton of $.
  18. Encourage creative self-expression in thousands of others
  19. Become a major blogger on recovery.
  20. Build a sustainable, inspiring art practice. 

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