Thursday, July 20, 2017

What if we already have enough of everything?

Most of my life, America has been a culture of acquisition. We don't have the homogeneity of some cultures whose millennia of a shared past create a strong bond in tradition or whose national systems of education teach everyone the same things so that there's a bond of knowledge. We are a country of different, shifting groups and ideas glued together by geography and bureaucracy. Instead of a reliance on the old to understand each other and how we are, we focus far more on the new and what we have to relate us to each other.

Shopping is one of our biggest pastimes and in order to keep that endlessness going, we're encouraged to focus on what we don't have. This makes us restless and bored rather than satisfied and contented. And for many of us, that's at the heart of the stress we feel.

It occurred to me recently that I could step out of that cycle. That I could take on believing and acting as if I have enough of everything already, right now, in this moment and in this next moment and in the next. Enough stuff, enough money, enough time, enough energy. What might happen to me? What might happen to you?


Unknown said...

Oh, I so agree with you! I do have enough "stuff", enough time (I'm retired and choose not to fill every spare moment!)! In fact, I'm going through my bookshelves divesting myself of books I had long ago read, ones that I don't want to read and just the fact that I'll never get around to reading them all! The same with clothes that don't fit me anymore (thank you, Bright Line Eating, for helping me lose lots of weight!). Today I've been working on going through my kitchen getting rid of "expired" items (2012 is long gone!) and items I know I'll never use. All in all, it's a wonderful feeling; I feel so much lighter!

So thank you for this reminder!

Jill Kelly said...

You're so welcome. Lightening up in all realms is so good.