Sunday, February 11, 2018

Aligning my life further with spaciousness

In developing my spaciousness practice last year, I started with just putting some space between items in my day. When I came back from running errands, I'd take my time settling in to the next task on my list. When I finished a work project, I'd take a break instead of just moving on to the next. It took a while to really embrace this change as I am very efficient by nature, and I had to get over the idea that I was wasting time.

The next thing I tackled was saying yes to too many activities. I live alone and work at home and I'm reluctant to forego opportunities to connect with friends and acquaintances. A second complication is that my friends have very busy lives so we tend to make plans several weeks in advance, but that doesn't always mesh well with my freelance work, which comes in erratic batches. I can have a ton of work for 2-4 weeks and then nothing much for a month. So I needed to keep things looser, ask for flexibility, and not plan too much.

Now I'm looking for ways to expand the spaciousness. My challenges now are to lower my expectations of myself (I'm a productivity junkie) and get comfortable with free time. Those of you who are already comfortable with free time are probably laughing, but for me it's going to be a big shift. I'll keep you posted.

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