Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Bright Line Eating recommendation and discount coupon

It's been two and a half years since I ate any sugar or flour. I find this to be a miracle. I had struggled with sugar addiction for most of my life but never named it that. But its similarity to be struggles with alcohol were so evident. A friend sent me a link to some videos from Susan Peirce Thompson, the founder of BLE, and that same friend encouraged me to sign up. I will be forever grateful.

Over these past many months, I've lost a lot of weight (about 80 pounds) and my self-loathing, that self-hatred we feel when we can't stop doing something we know we should. I eat better, feel better, live better without that addiction in play in my life. I even wrote a book about my experience called Candy Girl: How I Gave up Sugar and Created a Sweeter Life between meals (

If you struggle with food and sugar, you might want to take a look at BLE. I have coupons for $100 off the program. Just email me if you'd like one. (

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