Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Changing how I monitor and schedule my time

I've been taking an online class on creative focus from Jessica Abel and finding the time to do our creative work. We began immediately tracking our time to see where it was going and how we wanted to shift things. Then the next assignment was to schedule a perfect week. I dutifully printed out the form and sat down to do it and then stopped. I've done this exercise many times before and it never really changed anything. So I wondered how I could do it differently. And this is what I came up with.

Instead of focusing on goals and tasks (which I can still have), I focus on what I want in my life (I'm calling them domains). There are nine: connecting, reading, creating, learning, moving, maintaining, resting, reflecting, and earning.  In every week (every day is even better), I want a healthy measure of each of the first eight (the ninth, earning, may or may not happen some of the time). Some of these happen spontaneously or are habits (for example, taking a shower/maintaining or mediation/resting and reflecting); others are best included through focus blocks, where I set time aside to be in that active in that domain, like creating or reading. Some things I do satisfy several domains. For example, AA meetings are connecting, reflecting, learning. I'm liking tracking this to see what happens.

What might your domains be?

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