Saturday, August 25, 2018

7 Habits of Highly Effective People 25 years later

Like many people, I read Stephen Covey's seminal book when it came out. I was in the middle of changing careers from college professor to freelance editor and some of his ideas were very helpful to me. A few weeks ago, I saw that amazon was giving away the 25th anniversary edition for free on Kindle so I got a copy.

In rereading it, I can see that I first read this as a success manual for working and that I interpreted "highly effective" to mean "highly successful." I don't know if using his ideas made me more successful or not (although I've had a good career as an editor) but I found his ideas thoughtful and helpful.

But now I'm rereading it for another purpose and I'm seeing that "highly effective" has a much different meaning for me now 25 years later. I'm not looking to be successful anymore except at living so being highly effective really speaks to me and I'm able to see all the references in his book that are about relationships and living a principle-centered life. I'm glad to have this resource for my inquiry.


Heading for the Hills said...

Hi Jill
I discovered your blog last week and am reading it right from the start. I’m with you in Florida at the moment, in 2010! You’re inspirational. Thank you for sharing.

Jill Kelly said...

How nice of you to let me know! Happy reading. Best, Jill