Monday, August 6, 2018

Another inquiry about self-talk: conversations

I seem to be on a roll with inquiring about my self-talk (assumptions, complaints). And I think this is very important work. As one of my teachers reiterates, we don't live in the world. We live in the conversations we have about the world. And we can manage and choose those conversations.

So what kind of conversations do I want to have with myself and others? Conversations about possibility, not about problems. Conversations that encourage me to think wider, kinder, more generous thoughts about myself and others. Conversations that encourage me to take risks in my painting and writing, regardless of what others will think of the product. Conversations that keep my own needs in perspective with the needs of others. Conversations that stay away from complaining and blaming.

There's a wonderful freedom in knowing that this is all up to me.

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Bryan Fagan said...

Hi Jill. It is my understanding that you are a board member of the Willamette Writer's Conference.

I am trying to send you an e-mail regarding the Willamette Writer's Conference. Could you send me your e-mail or the best way to contact you. Thank you.