Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Exploring the end of complaint

We've been having a heat wave here in Portland and while I'm so grateful to have invested in two portable air conditioners for bedroom and studio, I'm used to using my whole apartment for cooking, eating, entertaining, hanging out. Instead of the usual peace and quiet, I am living with my biggest fans. Instead of the lovely views out my window, I have all shades and curtains drawn. But I've really noticed that all my complaints about this, spoken to myself as well as to others, has not had any impact on the temperature outside. Shocker!

In this case, complaining is a completely worthless effort. It does not make me feel better to do it, and it doesn't change anything. It just keeps me unhappy. And no wonder. Every time I complain, I hear it. And it wears me down. It's the same thing with my complaining about our current president. It has no impact on his behavior whatsoever.

So I've been exploring what it would be like to just give up complaining. I think this would be useful for me. It doesn't preclude change, by any means. But instead of saying what's not working, I can ask for what I want in those situations where change is possible and accept those where it is not (Serenity Prayer).

What's your relationship with complaints?

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JourneyWoman said...

You managed to write about complaining without complaining about complaining. Thank you for that! I am also working on this.