Thursday, September 20, 2018

Interesting ideas from James Hollis

I've been reading What Matters Most, a fascinating (although not always easy) book by Jungian analyst James Hollis for a course I'm about to take on deep vocation. Here are some of his ideas that I'm pondering. They might resonate with you as well.

  • Anyone with a modicum of consciousness is traumatized by the current world. 
  • Generally we seek comfort over enlargement, reassurance over risk, and seldom venture out beyond the predictable. 
  • Each day we are summoned to steer between fear and lethargy and to find our narrow passage onward. 
  • We all have to grow up, become wholly responsible for our lives, relinquish the search for the good parent in others, and stop whining. (I love this last bi

What matters most according to Hollis: "Having a more interesting life, a life that disturbs complacency, a life that pulls us out of the comfortable and thereby demands a larger spiritual engagement than we planned or that feels comfortable."

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