Sunday, September 9, 2018

Ode to a Fifth Cat

Warm nights Josie
likes the screen door
propped open
She never ventures far
unknown trauma
in her young life
keeps her close
and the other three
of my companions
come and go too
when the nights are warm

Last night I left PBS Mystery
for a cool drink
from the dark kitchen
and as I crossed
the dining room
I saw a dark shape with tail
move under the table
and out the porch door
Thought it was
my tabby Sam
but he lifted sleepy eyes
from the Trader Joe's box
on the carpet

I moved then to the kitchen door
and she stood there
on hind legs
Her masked face clear
in the streetlight
I asked her politely
to move on
and after a moment
she trundled down the stairs

They eat kibble with their fingers
Raccoons do
And while I don't begrudge her
an easy meal
from an open door
on a warm night
we'll be keeping
the screen door closed now

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