Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Rethinking the map I follow

One of Hollis's more intriguing ideas to me (see last post) is this one of map. Each of us is on a path, a journey; this is a familiar metaphor. But he takes it a step further and asks, "Are we spending time on our path with our own map or someone else's?" Are we using the culture's map of financial success and power? Are we following the map of our parents, especially if it's a map that they wanted to follow and were unable to? (Jung says that the biggest burden for any child is to live the unlived life of father or mother.)

Hollis's book is about being guided by our soul, the deepest, truest part of us, which, he says, wants something wonderful and expansive for us: the contribution that we have come here to offer to the world. And to do that, "the soul wants us to have the best map." Our culture doesn't support this in any overt way. I find that our culture needs us to stay asleep (aka shop, consume, ignore). This is nothing new, nothing special about us now in 2018. It's gone on forever. But I want to be one of the awake ones and I know somehow that my soul has been pushing me in that direction for a long time. Now I'm more available to listen. 

So what is that map? For Hollis, it's a simple question. Is this next choice, whatever it may be, going to enlarge my life and my experience or is it going to diminish me? This is a very interesting filter for just about any decision.