Saturday, September 15, 2018

The no-TV challenge

I've been deep in thought lately and shifting some things. It seemed a good time to challenge my friend Pam to a week of no TV. While neither of us is what we would call a big TV watcher (no daytime shows or commercial TV), we both get sucked into series on amazon prime or netflix. And an hour can turn into three very quickly. I've been justifying my longer and longer watching with the fact that I do needlepoint while I watch, something productive. But I'm still on my butt for all those hours and receiving rather than generating.

We both went into the experince with some trepidation (aka withdrawal). I hate imposed restrictions (tell me I can't eat or drink after 7 for a lab test the next morning and I'm dying of thirst at 7:10). But it was more that we were unused to thinking for ourselves in the evening. So the first two nights were uncomfortable. But then it became the new normal: deciding what I was going to do. Read? Write in my journal? Tidy up something?

In my list-making fashion I started one on things I'd been meaning to do when I had time. Well, now I had time--another two to three hours in the day. Most of the activities I chose were quiet ones and I kept it spacious. But I found it peaceful and satisfying. I'm now on Day 13 (my friend went back to watching on Day 7). It isn't a struggle now but seems more of a choice, which is what I was looking for. 

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