Sunday, October 14, 2018

An interesting look at my past and maybe yours

I recently watched a good BBC mini-series called White Heat (available on Brit Box, a Prime network). It stars Clare Foy, who is playing Elizabeth II in the Crown series. It's a bit like the Big Chill. Old friends come together after the death of one of the gang. But the series is really about the past, not the present. It starts in 1965 when the seven young people come together as flat mates in London. Lots of it reminded me of my own past: abortion issues, Vietnam, the miserable politics of the late 70s and 80s that planted all the seeds of destruction we see today.

The first episode was particularly interesting to me because I am in a big inquiry about vocation and calling and one of the premises of the course I'm taking is that we are often following someone else's map for our lives, not our own. In three different scenes in that first episode, the parents of these kids, suriviors of the Depression and WWII, all try to impress their map of life onto their children, regardless of the children's own intuitive needs and desires.

It has helped me in my thinking about my own life and how it reflects the experiences of my parents both before I was born and as I was growing up.

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